Avatto A20 Pocket Foldable Mini Bluetooth Keyboard / Wireless Keypad

  • $39.99
  • Save $10.01

Experience the tactile feel of a physical keyboard on your tablets and smartphones with the Avatto foldable keyboard. The split keyboard design at 166° immediately assists in positioning your wrists at a more natural position rather than the regular straight-on approach found in most keyboards. 

Full Size Keyboard: 87 Keys
Operation Style: Mechanical
Ergonomic Design: 166° Split
Language: English
Applications: Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, Smartphones, etc
Interface Type: Wireless Bluetooth 3.0
Supported OS: IOS, OSX, Android, Windows
Surface Material: Leather
Power: built-in 110mAh lithium battery
Standby Time: 30 days
Operating range: 10m
Charging Time: <2h
Uninterrupted Working Time: 40 hours of writing time
Dimensions: 328 x 102 x 6 mm (unfolded) / 158 x 102 x 13 mm (folded)


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