Handcrafted Chinese Celedon Porcelain Fish Teacup

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These beautifully designed Chinese teacups are meticulously handcrafted by traditional Chinese artisans with craftsmanship that has been passed down from generations.

  • Long-quan (green) celadon represents the Ancient Celadon of the highest level
  • Exquisite handiwork, delicate decoration
  • Vivid hand-painting 3D fishes are like swimming in the jade when green tea is poured in

Celadon: In Chinese it is called “Qíng Cí” and written as “青瓷”. It is in bluish green color because of ferrous content. "Qíng Cí” first appeared in the Eastern Han period and had been the main type of porcelain product in ancient China for a long time. 

Choosing your variant:

Use the drop down menu to select your design number and colour. 

Ceramic Type: Porcelain
Material: Ceramic

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